You Can Turn Used Clothes Into Drinking Coasters

In modern times, even glass coasters, which are usually made of glass or pottery, now use a variety of other materials. One of the materials used to make coasters and cups is cloth or it can be made of rattan. Some are made of wood and various other materials. The shape has also changed, which usually has a slight depression, now it is flat with a round shape or there are other shapes such as squares, triangles, and so on. So, if you want to have your coasters or cups at home, you don’t need to buy them. You can make it yourself at home using used clothes that are not used so that they can be transformed into beautiful beverage coasters.

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Here’s how to make coasters from used clothes:


– White cloth
– Pink fabric
– Black cloth
– White thread
– Needles

How to make coasters from used clothes:

– Cut the fabric lengthwise
– Join one end by hand stitching
– Braid 3 different colored fabrics that have been cut and make several braids
– Then connect each braid
– Arrange in a circle and when it is sewn so that it is firmly connected

Only by using used clothes, you can make a beautiful glass coaster or bowl like this. Easy, right?

It’s not only used clothes, but you can also use other useful materials such as newspaper, ice cream sticks, and even unused woods at home. With creativity, you can even turn trash or unused items into art. Furthermore, if you feel like enjoying it as a hobby, you might even be able to sell your hand-made coasters as long as you can make them with good quality, and you sell your coasters at reasonable prices.

That’s it for the info we may share with you this time, we hope you can make beautiful drinking coasters at home! Go ahead and try it! Have a nice day!