Benefits Of Coating On Cars

One of the benefits of car coating treatment from premium detailing and auto spa is that the surface of car paint is better resistant to scratches than without coating. For this one benefit, of course, it really depends on the quality of the coating material used and how thick the coating layer is given to the paint surface. The thicker and harder the coating layer is given, the better and better the resistance of car paint to scratches and scratches. The term paint is more resistant to fine scratches. But you need to remember that the car coating layer will not prevent the car from being scratched by sharp objects or accidental scratches.

The next benefit of car coating treatment is that the car body and car surface become more resistant to water and mold spots because of the water repellent effect. The usual water repellent effect is also known as the taro leaf effect which will prevent water and dirt from sticking easily and will immediately slip when touching the car surface. Paint surfaces that have dried water spots, will gradually cause mold on the car body. By doing car coating maintenance, will minimize the growth of fungus due to water spots drying on the car body.

The next benefit of car coating treatment is that it provides a shiny effect on the car body that is more durable. If you use wax, the shiny effect on the car body only lasts a month. Unlike car coating treatments, your car will look shiny for at least 1 year or even longer depending on the care and use of the car itself.

Is maintenance still needed after the car is coated?
It is necessary. Even though you have done car coating treatment, you still have to do maintenance as usual. This means that no matter how good and expensive the coating product is, if the car is exposed to water or dirt, it will still grow mold or scale if it is not cleaned immediately.
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