Men Must Know These Tips Before Buying Knitted Hats For Themselves

Knitted hats or what is commonly called skullcaps can make your appearance even more stylish. Not only fashion, but knit hats can also warm up when the weather is cold. However, now the designs and models of the beanie are very varied, including the beanie for men. For those of you who are not familiar with a hat like this, you may find it difficult to choose. Meanwhile, if you prefer embroidered hats instead, and you want to design those hats yourself, you can try to design your own fitted hat in a trusted store.

Before buying, it is best if you understand what kind of knit hat fits your style and needs. Take a peek at the tips in this article:

Choose it based on your face shape

Each person’s face shape is different. Well, the type of knit hat that is suitable for use will depend on the shape of your face, you know. Come on, learn more about the type of knit hat that is most ideal for you!

Choose the type with pompoms to cover the round face

If you want to cover the rounded lines of your face, try a beanie hat accented with pompoms! This knit hat looks taller and extends vertically so that it covers the round face shape. However, if you don’t like pompoms, you can outsmart it by wearing a beanie loosely on your head. That way, the beanie will look taller than when you use it completely. With pompoms or not, choose a volume bean. The last way, you can accent bangs to emphasize the vertical line of your face.

Watch cap type that is shallow fit for oval faces

The watch cap type beanie hat is recommended for those of you who have an oval face shape. This hat has a simple design with a fold underneath. Choose a watch cap that is shallow fit and wear it around the line of your head. This way, the hat will make the length of your face appear more balanced. Also, choose a hat that has a thickness. A knit hat with volume will not accentuate the vertical lines of your face. However, all types of knit hats can cover the long face line when worn down to the ends.

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